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Optimal is a trusted and experienced private investigator agency. Our office is located in KL, Selangor and Malaysia. Our Company has a license approved by the ministry of the interior investigate domestican foreign affairs. Ref: KDN.S.205/642/1-2801(10). We provide private investigation services for individuals and companies in Malaysia for years.

Our team of investigators are highly qualified and has been handling various kind of cases successfully. We offer a wide range of services such as private investigation, business investigation, personal background screening and matrimonial investigation.

Optimal has its own networks and latest technologies to provide background check investigations and proof to helps you understand your business partners, wife, and people around you easily.

If you have any questions or need more details, our customer service team are ready to serve you.



Our highly qualified private investigators are committed to delivering ethics and integrity across all private and corporate investigations, and pride ourselves on an unrivalled degree of professionalism and discreetness.


If you have to procure a personal private examiner, it’s vital to run with an organization that is confirmed and reliable. Our firm has practical experience in giving the most expert personal private investigative services.


Optimal Security also involve in various types of Investigation – background check, criminal investigation, Facebook investigation, fire Investigation, forensic Investigation, insurance investigation and Patent and Trademark investigation.

We’ve been licensed & approved by the Ministry of The Interior Investigate Domestic & Foreign Affairs.


▪ Matrimonial investigation
▪ Commercial investigation
▪ Partner/Children/Staff whereabouts
▪ Missing person/Seek Deceives
▪ Private bodyguard
▪ Legal consultation
▪ Individual background check

Pre Marital Investigation 

A premarital investigation can save you from making a big mistake by marrying the wrong person. Learn the truth about your spouse-to-be before marriage. Contact us, absolutely confidential!

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Spying spouse owing to suspicion of cheating? Seeking evidence of the infidelity in the relationship? Contact us, absolutely confidential!

Corporate Investigation

Pre post employment check, fraud/theft Investigation, trademark/intellectual investigation & etc. Contact us, absolutely confidential!

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Pre Marital Investigation


Special-offer RM 2000

  1. Marital status
  2. Financial status
  3. Family background
  4. Employment & business info
  5. Criminal record
  6. Lifestyle check

Post Matrimonial Investigation


Special-offerRM 3000

  1. Affair
  2. Tracking
  3. Third party personal info
  4. Divorce forensic
  5. Mobile phone check

Background Checking


Special-offerRM 500

  1. Marital status
  2. Financial status
  3. Telephone record
  4. GPS location tracking
  5. Assets and liabilities info
  6. Criminal record

Surveillance devices


Special-offerRM 500

  1. Mobile phone tracking software
  2. Real-time GPS tracker
  3. Audio & visual surveillance equipment


Corporate Investigation


Special-offerRM 3500

  1. Business partner survey
  2. Staff loyalty
  3. Corporate financial info
  4. Corporate trade monitoring

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Tmn Connaught, 56000, KL, Msia.

Hotline: 0133267773

Office: 0391079776

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